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Adult Programs

Mendota Rowing Club has a long tradition of rowing at both the competitive and recreational levels of sweeping and sculling.  Many members have rowed at collegiate programs all over the country. Mendota Rowing also has a number of 'home grown' members who get hooked on rowing after completing one of our Learn to Row classes. Thanks to its diverse membership base, there is a level of rowing to suit everyone. 

If you are not sure which program is best for you contact Coach Danielle.

For more information about  our programs:

Advanced Rowing

Competitive Rowing

Novice Rowing


Learn To Row

Winter Training

You may join our club at anytime during the year. Please contact us for more information.

Junior Programs

Mendota RC does not have a junior rowing program. If you are a middle or high school student who wants to row, please contact our friends at Camp Randall Rowing Club.

Membership Levels

Mendota Rowing Club strives to make rowing accessible and affordable for all those who wish to participate. We offer a variety of membership options to accommodate every budget and time-frame. Note that all members must take and pass a swim test (see form at the bottom of the page). Also keep in mind that Mendota Rowing Club is an organization primarily run by its members, thus we depend heavily on all members to commit to a certain amount of volunteer hours each year. Read more about how you can help out here.


This includes scullers and sweep rowers who wish to participate in coached practices:

 Annual (Valid thru May 14, 2018)
 Monthly (payable on the 1st of each month)
 Winter Only
 Includes coached erg sessions from 11/15/17 - 4/15/18


This membership fee structure is for all rowers who recently completed a Learn-to-Row class. The membership fees vary depending on the completion date of your class. Novice membership is valid thru May 14 of the following year and includes winter training.

Membership fee for Novices depend on when you graduate from Learn to Row.

 If you completed Learn to Row in:
 May 2017
 June 2017
 July 2017
 August 2017

If you completed a Learn to Row class in 2016 you may also chose to pay your Adult Novice membership on a monthly basis for $55 a month through October, payable on the 15th of the month. If you choose this option and want to row with us in the winter you will be asked to pay the $150 winter membership fee.

If you completed a Learn to Row class in a year prior to 2016, please contact the club administrator to determine whether you are eligible for a novice membership.


The membership for scullers wishing to row out of the boathouse without taking part in any coached practices.

Membership is valid for one year, thru May 14, 2018.

The cost is $275 for the year.

Water temperature must be at or above 55 degrees to row independently. For this level of membership you must also pass a skills test and a flip test.

Please see our Sculling page for more information.

Coxswain membership

Coxswains may join the club at no cost. If you are an experienced coxswain, please sign up. If you can commit to cox an average of two practices per week throughout the season you are entitled to a free coached membership.

Not an experienced coxswain but interested in becoming one? Please contact us.

Trial and Visitor Memberships

Trial Membership

For experienced rowers living in Madison who are interested in trying out the club before joining. You may join us for a free two-week trial period.

Visitor Membership

For experienced rowers and scullers from out of town who want to experience rowing on beautiful Lake Mendota! You are invited to join us for up to 2 weeks at no cost.

Insurance Reimbursement

Mendota Rowing Club rowers can earn a payment/reimbursement through our club's participation as a participating health club in four health insurance wellness plans. We participate in the plans for Dean, Group Health Cooperative, Physicians Plus, and Unity Healthcare. The specifics for each plan can be found at:

Dean Care: www.deancare.com - Wellness Incentive Now!

For members of Dean Care, submit proof of payment of Mendota Rowing Club membership to the insurer to receive reimbursements.

Physicians Plus: www.pplusic.com - Good Health Bonus!

For members of Physicians Plus, submit proof of payment of Mendota Rowing Club membership to the insurer to receive reimbursements.

Group Health Cooperative: ghcscw.com - Exercise for Excellence!

Members of Group Health Cooperative may earn one payment per year by demonstrating attendance of at least 120 times during the year. When 120 times of attendance have been recorded, members of GHC have to print and fill out the form for reimbursement and give to MRC's Insurance Reimbursement Coordinator Anna Rusk to sign. The rower will have to mail the completed form to GHC for reimbursement.

Unity Healthcare: www.unityhealth.com - Fitness First!

Members of Unity Healthcare may earn up to two payments per year by demonstrating attendance of at least 60 times in a six-month period.  

MRC's Insurance Reimbursement Coordinator Anna Rusk submits a monthly attendance form to Unity Healthcare for rowers who have signed up with Unity and designated Mendota Rowing Club as his/her health club. 

Attendance sheets are posted on the bulletin board at the boathouse, and rowers need to record the days he/she participates in practice.

For any questions, contact info@mendotarowingclub.com.

Rack Rental

We often have rack rental spaces available to store your single in the boathouse. The yearly cost is $275 (May 15 to May 14).

Please contact us to see if there is rack space available or be put on the waiting list.

622 E Gorham St
Madison, WI

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